You Are Either A Prepper Or A Future Victim? The act of learned helplessness is the only thing many people know today and that will lead to a reduced chance of survival for many depending on the event

The recent disasters around the world have shown most people are ill prepared for sudden disruptions to normal life.

Simply having supplies piled up in preparation for some occurrence is not enough to insure your survival. There are several other things you must keep in mind and balance out among your preparations.

You must imagine the potential catastrophic possibilities
You must prepare yourself mentally to deal with whatever happens
You must have knowledge of how best to employ your resources
You need to use your imagination to think outside the box
You must be able to improvise, adapt and overcome obstacles
You must have a flexible plan to guide you

Many people have spewed hateful rhetoric at preppers over the years and today some are finding themselves in dire circumstances as infrastructure and supplies are cut off for an indefinite period of time. Those unprepared individuals have few options and now rely on the actions of others to insure their survival.

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As many in the Caribbean can now attest to, having to wait for help to come from hundreds or even thousands of miles away is slow and stressful to those who wait. They do not know when help will arrive and what resources will be available when they arrive. It could take years for many locations to return to some type of normalcy and this is at a time when help is available and forthcoming. What happens when that help is not available following an event?

In the world we now live in the bulk of the population is conditioned to wait for help to come. They are not encouraged to perform self help to minimize their suffering. This leads to many more victims to deal with overloading services and resources available to the public. This is happening in good times. What happens when things deteriorate and no help is available to communities or cities? What will happen when people and equipment do not come because damage is wide scale? What happens when all expendable resources are exhausted and cannot be replaced?

Preppers already know the answers to those questions and that is why they prepare. They know that someday an event could happen where no help will be available and they will be on their own for weeks or months. They know if something happens, what they have on hand is all they will likely have to work with for the duration. They know those that have not planned will be victims and most will expect someone to help them and their family. This creates a difficult situation for preppers and victims alike.

The act of learned helplessness is the only thing many people know today and that will lead to a reduced chance of survival for many depending on the depth of the event. A prepper can only do so much to help others in this type of situation but the main thing they possess are the leadership qualities and survival skills the masses need to come through the situation.

Following an event there will be a certain number of survivors that will see the light and understand what preppers have been trying to tell them for years. These people will differ from those that will still have the entitlement mentality and expect others to care for them and provide resources they need. These newly enlightened individuals are the ones that preppers will be able to help the most.

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The true leaders in society will be able to direct these individuals on courses of action that will allow them to slowly recover and build up some resilience over time. These are the actions that will be necessary to reduce the chaos in society and provide some stabilization. These people will help provide a buffer between preppers and the hostile unprepared masses that manage to survive.

Make no mistake about it. There will be groups with varying mindsets roaming about following an event and it is advantageous to have as many of them on your side as possible. There is little you can do about the entitled victims except defend against their actions. In this case, there will be safety in numbers.

While a prepper cannot foresee every problem, they can plan ahead and set aside some resources that can help solidify your leadership among those you are able to work with. This could take the form of setting aside a few drums of bulk grains like oats or beans that can be purchased cheaply now but will allow you to feed a small group of people a basic meal for several weeks. The small price of a few drums of grain could buy a lot of goodwill.

Being able to provide clean drinking water to a small group by purchasing a good spare water filter will help eliminate the spread of disease among the group. Having a few medications that can help a few individuals that do manage to become sick will mean a lot to their families. Having a few extra radios that the group can share will help with security for everyone. Having a means to provide a small power source for lighting or battery recharging could mean a great deal to those with no power. In some locations having an extra wood stove to share and some wood will provide these people with heat and cooking ability.

There are many little things that could be worth a great deal to unprepared survivors that will help to stabilize their situation and insure they do not become a hostile force you would eventually have to deal with. You may not be able to help everyone or provide everything they need but being able to help a few can have long term benefits.

In a survival situation there will be many that become threats to you no matter what you do but the more you can eliminate from that potential pool the safer life will be for you. No matter what type of event takes place or how long the effects last eventually there will come a time of stabilization. The type of people in control of that stable situation could be a good thing or a very bad thing. As a prepper you could have a lot of influence over the outcome.

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4 thoughts on “You Are Either A Prepper Or A Future Victim? The act of learned helplessness is the only thing many people know today and that will lead to a reduced chance of survival for many depending on the event

  1. learned helplessness is an offshoot and byproduct of the Victim Society. You have to be helpless to be a victim, and you are rewarded for being a Victim . … everybody hugs you and grooms you, picking fleas off you


  2. I started prepping once before 2006. Not even sure of the exact year. Prepping has become a cult. I gave all of my stuff away to a man who had a family who needed it. I guarantee the stuff I gave him is used or some of it is no more good. Don’t worry about prepping to survive the APOCALYPSE. Prepare yourself to face the God you will see whether you survive the Apocalypse or not. It’s funny all of these people are going to survive the greatest tribulation the world has ever seen. THEN WHAT?????????? Then what are you going to do??????


    1. When you study the scripture you will learn exactly what we will do! The Lord is coming back! Maybe you don’t believe that but many have and hold dear that blessed hope! So a time is coming when God the Father is going to fulfill all of the promises and scriptures that we have. Yes, not all will make it to that point. Those that fear and Love the Lord are going to him one way or the other. I prep but I don’t worry. I believe I will see my Lords coming! I always say Lord willing! Though regardless if we prepare for the things we see coming and don’t make it through then those things will be useful to our brothers and sisters. Win win really. I don’t belong to a cult by the way, just Love the truth and the truth shall set you free not to prepare in fear but in wisdom. If you see the storm coming do you not call your children inside from their play do you not have provisions for these times. Do you really live completely dependent on a failing system? Our ancestors did not live this way. My grandparents were even much more sustainable but they gave into the lie. They wanted to believe that all the hard work they did would then be different for their children, that they wouldn’t have to work as hard. Now instead of people knowing how to work and keep a garden put things up, reuse and repurpose people huddle all day to go buy far inferior cheap at the stores and have throw away quality everything. We are in a sad state of affairs indeed. I do hope more wake up quickly. I plan to serve the Lord from the best of my garden and flocks.


      1. I agree with what you are saying. It sounds like you are preparing spiritually and physically. Those that are consumed only with the physical have made a cult unto themselves. Fear not them who can kill the body only but fear Him who can kill both the body and soul and cast it into hell. One of my other best friends is Stephanie. Keep preparing both Spiritually and physically. Amen.


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